​Director Casey Crow

   Casey Crow made his first film, the western drama BIG IRON at 

age nine, using his father's Super 8 camera. Despite BIG IRON's amaterurish result, the experience planted a seed of creativity, and 

a passion for filmmaking was born. 

  Cinematography became the focus of  Casey's filmic education, eventually propelling him toward the medium of short film 

storytelling. This led  to his award winning directorial effort TOJENKAWA in 2004.

  As a fan of horror films, Casey decided to take a journey into the

macabre guided by inspiration from filmmakers like Stanley Kubrick, John Landis and Tobe Hooper. The resulting film KLAGGER has been described by fans and critics alike as atmospheric, suspensful, and creepy.

Multiple screenings of  KLAGGER at film festivals and horror conventions throughout the United States and England have 

created a demand among fans for a feature-length version of the film.


Casey is presently working with his brother and producing partner

Gene Crow to make a feature-length version of KLAGGER, set to

be released in 2020





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