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Special Thanks to Captured Dimensions in Frisco, TX for 3D Scanning of KLAGGER FX.


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Set Photos

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    For the new feature-film, the creators of KLAGGER felt a new

and far more gruesome design concept would be needed to

bring the horrific tragedy of Joseph Klagger to cinematic life.


Chris Richard Hanson is an amazing talent and a veteran of special effects work and make-up artistry. Chris has worked on several major motion pictures including UNDERWORLD, HELLBOY, and David Lynch's LOST HIGHWAY to name a few. The creators of  KLAGGER are very excited to have Chris as a part of the team. His contribution to the new KLAGGER design and his expertise in anatomical creations is immeasurable.


​   Read more about Mr. Hanson and his impressive career .here.





The KLAGGER production team has negotiated with American Electric Power (AEP) to use the

Historic West Texas Utilities Power Plant, while filming the feature version of  KLAGGER. This visually alluring power plant was built in Abilene, Texas in the early 1920's and has been out of operation for more than a decade. The building has since been maintained by AEP. The preservation of the site's history is important to West Texas Utilities, as well as the City of Abilene. Considering the power plant's tremendous cinematic aesthetic, use of this building is

vital to telling the story of Joseph Klagger and will raise the film's production value greatly.





​Read more about this historic power plant here.​

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 Factory photos by Director Casey Crow

The KLAGGER Team began shooting scenes for the feature-film in May 2018. Below are stills from the movie as well as set photos and additional film information. The KLAGGER Team would again like to thank EVERYONE that has supported this film. We could not be doing this without you guys. We have a way to go on the production but are committed to bring you horror fans the best and most original horror film we can. So please stay tuned and we will see you in your nightmares. 
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 Due to the Covid-19 Epidemic film production has been halted on the film and will commence in 2021.


​The short film KLAGGER is being expanded to a feature-length version by Director Casey Crow and

Casey's brother and producing partner, Gene Crow. The KLAGGER feature will expand the story of Joseph Klagger's death in 1977 and how his malevolent spirit terrorizes a small demolition crew employed to raze the factory he died  in 36 years earlier.