The song featured in KLAGGER is from a little-heard West Texas country band from the late 1960's. Pat Murphy and the Cimarron Cowboys made only one record during their short stint as a musical group.

"Tomorrow I'll Know" was chosen as the KLAGGER theme for it's haunting lyrical style and timeless reference to love lost.

Pat Murphy and the Cimarron Cowboys    Tomorrow I'll Know

Cinematographer Anthony Gutierrez and Actor Matthew Nile Willis

Fear and loathing with Actor Matthew Aycock..

Brandon Gene Crow lights Klagger's fire.

  Once filming wrapped, director Casey Crow and sound designer Gene Crow began work on the post production which took about 4  months to complete. The film's foley was recorded separately

from the film with sound design constructed using Propellerhead's "Reason 4" software. After additional footage was shot at the feed mill set,  KLAGGER concluded production in Feburary 2010.


 KLAGGER had it's first screening in Tulsa, OK at the Oklahoma Horror Film Festival (2010), created and spearheaded by the president of Dolphin Bay Films, Joel Hulett. Since then, KLAGGER has screened at numerous other film festivals and horror conventions in the United States and England and has taken

awards for Best Horror Film and Best Soundtrack.

 The origin of the KLAGGER story comes from a real life tragedy that claimed the life of a Taylor County feed worker, that died on-the-job in the late 1970's. The word Klagger comes from the German words klager/klagen, which mean "one who pours out sorrow" and to "express feelings of pain and resentment."


​Anderson Feed Mill by Director Casey Crow in Sept 2009. 

KLAGGER was shot over a 5 day period with a Panasonic DVX -

100 B with an attached anamorphic lense by cinematographer Anthony Gutierrez. The film had a working budget of 5,000 dollars. Due to the hazardous state of the Anderson Feed Mill,  the building was destroyed by it's owner in 2012.

  The KLAGGER crew consisted of 10 members that included Andy Robinson, Koby Rodgers, Dennis Crane, Zack Ross, Lance Hunter Voorhees, James Nicholls, Greyson Morgan, Brandon Gene Crow,

Donna Aycock, and Matthew Nile Willis who also played the role of Joseph Klagger.  Actor Matthew Aycock played the role of Perry,

the industrial salvage inspector.

  A handful of mishaps plagued the production on KLAGGER. During

filming,  both Anthony Gutierrez and Matt Nile Willis fell through

sections of flooring that had been removed, and Africanized Honey Bees attacked the entire crew, stinging four crewmembers and halting production for several hours.

KLAGGER was made on location in Abilene, Tx in the derelict  

The creators of  KLAGGER would like to thank all of the good people below that have supported the film over

the last 4 years. The success of  KLAGGER  would have never been possible without  them.

The director, cast and crew of  KLAGGER are eternally grateful, as is the spirit of Joseph E. Klagger.